Why Web Design is Important

There’s many aspects of a successful website. Some say content is king, others claim that the secret to success is in the marketing. Well, I won’t say that everything depends on web design. However, in my experience web design is the glue that holds content and marketing together. Without it you may get lots of traffic and have dozens of great articles and videos but if your website is poorly made, hard to navigate, you’ll lose 95% of your visitors in the first few moments.

Look at it this way. You can be outgoing and meet tons of people (traffic), and you’ll probably be mostly judged by the things you say (content), but if your clothes are clean, you look nice (design), your chances of establishing relationships are much higher.

My point is, website design is a crucial part of building a website that cannot be overlooked.

I understand that the vast majority of people don’t have $1,000 (this numbers sometimes way higher than that) to spend for a web design. That’s completely fine. So, what to do? Browse through theme galleries and picking a free one?

If you’re going with a free theme, I suggest picking at least 3 different designs that seem to fit your idea for a website. Then, absolutely contact someone with expertise in web design and ask to help on choosing the best theme and maybe even alter it a bit to be 100% fit for your website.

This way you’ll get the best from both worlds. Help from a professional designer will likely cost you less than $100 but this way you’ll have a professionally designed website.