Additional Services

I’ve been working with websites since high school but naturally, it is an extremely vague. Well, if you’re interested in what I offer regarding building and maintaining websites, please check my Services section. However, here I will put everything else I offer. Sure, most of it is still related to websites (like logo design) but I’ll also add services like Photoshop, etc.

  • Logo Design
    • Every website needs logo, especially when it comes to online business. .If you need one, I’ll provide you with 3 samples to start off with and based on your vision and needs, I’ll make any changes. Once you decide on the right logo, I’ll provide you with images of various resolutions (thumbnails, small size, for all social media profiles, etc.) and when you’ll need anything else, I’ll help for free.

  • Adobe/Corel
    • These are my everyday tools that I have been working with for years. If you need anything done, I’m 100% sure I can help. However, as you may understand, I don’t take minor orders (like inserting an object into a picture). I make exceptions to my long-term clients though.

  • SEO
    • When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s still very important if one of your goals for your website is to rank high on search engines and get tons of organic traffic. I’ll help you with everything SEO-related from keyword analysis to a full website optimization.

  • Web Marketing
    • Just like with SEO, if you want more people to visit your website, you’ll need to consider marketing very seriously. Having worked with a hundred of websites I can provide you with the right traffic channels from advertising on other websites to featuring in 10,000+ subscriber newsletters.